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"Cheesy" Kale Chip

"Cheesy" Kale Chips (vegan, paleo)

I used to like kale chips. Then I came up with this recipe. Now I love kale chips! These chips are cheese flavored and crunchy, and have forever changed the way I eat this amazing vegetable.

Recipe: Do you remember this "cheese" dip?

Take this cheese dip and rub it into 2 heads of kale (washed and dried, stems removed). Break the kale into bite size pieces and lay them flat on your dehydrator trays. Dehydrate at lowest setting for 8-12 hours. The result is amazing, crunchy chips that are full of flavor. Enjoy!

Recipe by Kitchen Caleigh

Tip: If you don't have dehydrator, you can bake this in the oven at 300 degrees for 12-20 minutes.