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Dalhousie study proves roasting flax is beneficial


February, 2014

Omega Crunch was pleased when a study done at Dalhousie University proved that roasting shelled flax makes the omega-3 and lipid content higher. Contrary to many beliefs that roasting flax takes nutrients away, this study proves that instead, roasting enhances the nutrients.

Flax has been part of diets throughout history, and is now becoming more widely popular again because of its nutritional components. The main nutrients are ALA, lignans, omega-3s, fiber, and lipids. Studies done on whole and milled flax by the Flax Council of Canada state in FLAX – A Health and Nutrition Primer that, “Flax is widely consumed because of its nutritional components, especially alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) and lignans. Both hold up well to cooking, baking and roasting.” (page 106).

With the study done at Dalhousie, it is now proven that shelled flax also does well with roasting. Unlike whole or milled flax, this non-GMO shelled flax is shelled and therefore ready to eat and stable. Dalhousie stated in their Study Omega Crunch Flax Product Analyses - for Steep Hill Solutions Inc. that, “All four Omega Crunch products had significantly different omega-3 content, with the roasted (uncoated) having the highest and Maple the lowest.” This is good news for Omega Crunch’s increasingly popular Roasted Garlic Shelled Flax and Roasted Maple that are roasted and then sold in a shaker or a bag.