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Egg White Omelette

Egg White Omelette (low carb, paleo)

I have to start this one off with the nutritional info! Only 119 calories, 7g carbs, 2g fat and 16g of protein make this an excellent addition to your healthy diet. This omelette is so satisfying and flavorful that you really won’t miss the yolk!

(Serves 2)

- 1 cup egg whites
- 1 green pepper, diced
- 1 medium yellow onion, diced
- 1 cup raw spinach, chopped
- 1 Tbsp Omega Crunch Roasted Garlic Shelled Flax
- Sea salt & pepper to taste

**You can use any vegetable combination. Nutritional info based on these vegetables.


Spray a large pan (over medium heat) with olive oil. Cook all vegetables until onions are translucent. Remove from pan and set aside. Re-spray olive oil into the pan to lightly cover the entire surface. Pour in the egg whites. Once all the whites are cooked through, add the cooked vegetables to one side of the eggs, then sprinkle on the flax seeds and gently fold over. Serve immediately.

Nutritional Info Per Serving:
119 cals, 7g carbs, 2g fat, 16g protein, 2g sugar, 4g fiber

Recipe by Kitchen Caleigh