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Garlic Lime Shrimp & Scallops

Garlic Lime Shrimp & Scallops

Growing up on the east coast of Canada, summer meant seafood of which shrimp and scallops are my favorites. In under 10 minutes - this healthy, tangy dish will be the main attraction of the main course.

(Serves 4)

- 2 Tbsp olive oil
- 1 cup shrimp, tails removed, deveined
- 2 cup scallops
- 4 cloves garlic, minced
- 3 Tbsp lime juice
- 2 tsp dried parsley
- sea salt to taste
- 1 Tbsp Omega Crunch Roasted Garlic Shelled Flax


Heat oil in a pan. Once heated, add the shrimp, scallops and garlic. Sautee for about 5 minutes (or until the shrimp turn pink) then add the lime juice, parsley and sea salt. Stir together for another minute or two and remove heat. Stir in the roasted garlic flax. Serve immediately. To keep your carbs low, serve with a salad, over cauliflower rice, or mixed into zucchini noodles.

Nutritional Info Per Serving:
141 cals, 3g carbs, 9g fat, 13g protein, 0g sugar, 1g fiber

Recipe by Kitchen Caleigh