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Omega Crunch

Omega Crunch is made up of 50% flaxseed kernel. The remainder of this product is made up of flaxseed hull and whole seed. Using a patented shelling process to open the seed, the seed’s natural oils are not disturbed, allowing the product to be shelf stable but also digestible within the body. 

In other words, you don’t have to grind this flax. Usually, the kernel of the flax is so hard that your body can’t digest it. Therefore, your body just passes the tiny seed along, never being able to digest the wonderful oils and omegas found inside of the flax kernel. So, for years people have been grinding their flax. Unfortunately, when you grind your flax it goes bad quickly because once the oils are disturbed they don’t take long to make the flax go rancid. So, people have to grind flax as they eat it. This can be time consuming, making flax not as popular as it should be.

Fortunately, there is now a process where the kernel of the flax is taken out of the shell without disturbing the oils, leaving it fully digestable to your body so you can eat it just like the ground flax, and still enjoy all the benefits of fibre (from the dark shell) and the wonderful oils and omegas (from the yellow kernel). Among other benefits. Plus, it has a long shelf life and it’s been roasted with different flavours to make it delicious to sprinkle on top of anything you eat!


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