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Our Story

We started Omega Crunch to make flax (now hemp and chia too) easy to use, and taste good. We did it.

Omega Crunch exists to create a world of healthy families and to develop and innovate products that are fun, healthy, and easy to use.

  • We treat people like they are guests in our home.
  • We act with total integrity and honesty in all dealings.
  • We use all natural ingredients.
  • We accept people just the way they are.
  • We value you - our customers.

We exist to create a world of healthy families!

We produce Omega Crunch in small batches in New Minas, Nova Scotia.

We choose to select other great products to allow our great customers to reach the free shipping level with ease.

Enjoy our products - we do EVERYDAY!

Omega Crunch is a wholly owned division of Farmer Johns Herbs of Canning Nova Scotia.  We are a family owned and operated operation.