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Pico De Gallo (mild)

Pico De Gallo (mild)

You can call it salsa fresca, salsa picada, or even salsa bandera. Or you can just call it delicious! This fresh salsa is great with corn chips or, my personal favorite, a tangy sauce to roast my chicken in.

(Yields 5 Cups)

- 8 medium tomatoes
- Juice of one lime
- 1 cup fresh cilantro
- ¾ medium onion
- 3 cloves garlic
- 2.5 tsp cumin
- 1.5 tsp salt
- ¼ red bell pepper
- 1Tbsp Omega Crunch Roasted Garlic Shelled Flax (per serving)


So simple! Roughly chop all your vegetables and put it in your food processor. Pulse until all the pieces are small and uniform. Add 1 Tbsp of roasted garlic shelled flax to each serving. Strain if you like! Done!

Nutritional Info Per Serving (serving = ½ cup):
27 cals, 6 carbs, 0g fat, 1g protein, 1g sugar, 2g fiber

Recipe by Kitchen Caleigh