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Does flax seed need to be ground? 

Yes whole flax does need to be ground so our body can digest the omega-3 oil inside.  However Omega Crunch has been shelled so you are not required to grind Omega Crunch. 

Since the outer shell has been removed your body can reap the benefit of this great seed. 


Does Omega Crunch need to be ground?


How do I use flax? 

Sprinkle on your favourite foods! 


Does roasting affect the oils? 

Heat can affect flax oil.  Our product has been tested and our low heat hand roasting does not affect the omega-3 oils at all!

In fact the roasting extends the shelf life and can make the product safer with less moisture on the outside.  The texture and flavour is great when roasted. 

In 2012 Omega Crunch did a comprehensive research study with Dalhousie University of Halifax on the roasting affects on flax seeds and the omega-3. First of its kind that we know of. Core finding: "The roasted flax had significantly higher lipids and omega-3 content than the unroasted (raw) starting material. This unanticipated finding may be attributable to the ease of lipid recovery or differences in extraction efficiency between the raw and roasted seeds." 

So yes the omega-3 is not affected actually the omega-3 is increased. Toast on! 

* samples from 3 different production lots (roasting batches) of each product type were analized to allow for statistical comparison of product differences.

Do I need to keep Omega Crunch refrigerated?

No.  All our best before dates are based have your shaker right out on your table.  Use common sense and do not keep in direct heat, but at room temperature it is guaranteed for the shelf life on the bottle.   You will find 9 months typically of shelf life.  Since the hull has been removed from the kernel and it has not been ground up there is a better shelf stability. 

Where is your flax from? 


Is your flax gluten free? 

Yes our flax and other ingredients do not contain gluten.  However because our facility is not gluten free certified we do not claim gluten free on our label. 

Why do you offer other products on your site?

We have met great friends in the food industry and we offer other unique and hard to find Canadian products. 

We want to be a one stop shop for natural foods. 

Is online the best way to buy Omega Crunch?